I accompany and support you mindfully as well as respectfully during your individual processes of development and change, so you can find more clarity in your professional and personal issues or concerns. My work focuses f.e. on Mindful Leadership & Selfmanagement as well as the role of empathy & compassion in building sustainable relationships with others and myself. In terms of methodology, my work is characterized by the direct orientation to the actual life process of the clients and ranges from processing individual issues or concerns to working on the family system or organizational field the individual is dealing with. Creative, dynamic, humorous, to the point.

Coachings in Berlin will be held either in Prenzlauer Berg at the Remise an der Marie,
Marienburgerstraße 5a, 10405 Berlin or in Schöneberg at DARNA - the queer coworking space at Motzstrasse 9, 10777 Berlin.